Waste management technology from Cleveland firm is an asset for haulers nationwide – Crain’s Cleveland Business

ADM Rolloff owner Sean Bartram utilized a handful of work management software systems before switching over to Thumbster in 2014. Bartram was happy for the changeover, as preceding apps required input of a complicated code before they could even be accessed.

“They looked like they were written in 1995, and if you didn’t know how to code, you could barely use them,” said Bartram, whose Atlanta-headquartered dumpster rental service caters to warehouses, construction companies and most any other enterprise in need of garbage removal. “I’d been using a calculator and pencil — now I’m getting job info with a click of a button.”

Upon its initial launch, the app saved Bartram countless hours of manual labor. Transition to Dispatcher.com has been mostly seamless, with ADM now able to harness job reports that convey in-depth details on work orders over time.

“We’ve got different dump sites in different storage yards to drop empty dumpsters,” Bartram said. “There was a time when it was hard to figure out how many dumpsters I might have in a certain yard. The new app has a feature where I can now see that information.”

Dispatcher.com is part of Standard Brands LLC, created in 2016 by John Fenn and Mark Campbell to hold a burgeoning portfolio of waste dumpster businesses. In 2009, the pair started Budget Dumpster LLC — which brokers dumpster rentals for various companies — following that up with the 2016 introduction of Dumpsters.com, a brick-and-mortar hauling operation.

When Dispatcher.com acquired Thumbster Connect for undisclosed terms last year, the Dumpsters.com team had already been using the Thumbster app for several years. Halfway into 2021, Dispatch.com is wrapping up the rebranding process for the cloud-based innovation. Part of that process includes sending out emails to groups of haulage firms to keep them updated on any changes to the technology.

“We’ve done a good job of reaching out to folks proactively for feedback,” Erlenbach said. “There’s been a few cases where people liked how Thumbster worked, and we were able to adjust (to their needs) along the way.”

Looking ahead, Dispatcher.com aims to add additional sales and support reps to a staff of software engineers and marketers. Expansion into new market sectors — among them portable toilets and curbside containers — is also in the planning stages.

In the meantime, officials are open to advice about how to enrich an already robust waste management app. Having a keen understanding of every facet of the haulage industry will navigate Dispatcher.com along that path, noted Erlenbach.

“With Dumpsters.com under the parent entity, that gives us insight into a lot of the nuances in dumpster rental,” Erlenbach said. “You have to know the different sizes and materials that dumpsters can transport. Our knowledge and expertise helps us understand in real-time the challenges that are faced within this industry.”