New technology-enforced scooter-parking ‘hubs’ in West Seattle as city adds 4th provider, Spin | West Seattle Blog… – West Seattle Blog

The city announced today that it’s adding a fourth scooter provider, Spin (pending final authorization). The same announcement trumpets a pilot program going in West Seattle requiring scooter and bike renters to park in designated “hubs.” They’re shown on the map above. From the announcement:

We’re testing a new strategy to improve parking in West Seattle. Over the past few weeks, several new bike and scooter parking spaces were painted along Alki Beach and near the King County Water Taxi dock. Starting this week, scooter and bike share companies will start using GPS technology requiring riders to park in these designated spots. If someone attempts to park on the sidewalk or sand, the app gives them instructions on where to move the scooter before the user can end their trip.

Several of these bike and scooter parking hubs are located on the street within “No Parking Within 30 Feet” zones near crosswalks, and new signs make it even more clear that it is illegal for cars to park there. This takes advantage of curb space that isn’t currently being used and helps keep the sidewalk clear so everyone can get around. It also enhances safety by preventing cars from parking illegally in a way that blocks other drivers view of oncoming traffic and people crossing the street.

SDOT’s announcement also says the new company, Spin, will operate mostly in West Seattle for starters – it’s already next door in White Center – and explains its technology guiding “better … riding behavior” as well as proper parking.