How a Utah company’s date-night-in-a-box is thrilling couples across the globe –

With over a quarter-million games sold, Utah-based Finders Seekers is thrilling players with their mysteries all around the world. Each month, a new adventure filled with cryptic clues, ciphers and puzzles, transports players to a different international city where they solve a riveting mystery. It’s similar to an escape room but can be played at a location of your choice and at your own pace; and when you are finished you can pass it on to others.

Since 2017, Finders Seekers has offered a fun and challenging alternative to video and “bored” games, and centers on a common objective instead of player versus player.

“We offer a unique product that promotes collaboration among players and inspires new ways of thinking,” says Founder Cody Dingus. “Our mysteries are great for bringing friends and families together and creating memorable events that require little planning. Everything you need is included in the box!”

An immersive adventure

Each Finders Seekers mystery comes complete with creatively designed puzzles, props and storyline that help players immerse themselves in the culture and spirit of a faraway place, as if they are actually there. For those who want to take it to the next level, Finders Seekers provides recipe ideas for authentic local food and drinks along with a music play list to set the stage for an exciting experience.

The games can be played solo for a nice quiet night, or by groups of up to 8 or more. The content is always family-friendly but challenging, even for adults. But don’t worry, hints are provided along the way if needed.

Photo: Finders Seekers

Now offered at 25% off

During the month of July, Finders Seekers is offering 25% off your first box plus FREE US shipping using the code KSL25 at That brings the price to only $22.50 for hours of fun, much cheaper than tickets to a cramped escape room.

Order before July 21, and you’ll receive the Mont Saint Michel, France edition of the game. You’ll help local authorities solve a mystery that has resurfaced after 300 years, where a group of the island’s residents has been found throughout the area, in a permanently incapacitated daze.

Future mysteries include:

August: Ireland

September: Chicago

October: Tokyo

Photo: Finders Seekers

5-star reviews

More than 1,000 players have posted written reviews for Finders Seekers on’s review site and the consensus is overwhelming positive. With a 4.8 out of 5 rating, Finders Seekers is the highest-rated and most-reviewed game sold there. Here is what players are saying:

“Best game night ever! I can’t express how much I love these boxes. This was the best gift I have ever received. The boxes are well-thought out, the attention to detail is superb, and anytime I open one I know I’m in for a few hours of entertainment. Thanks Finders Seekers! – Allison B., Hiawatha, IA

“Fabulous family fun! We have played three of their games, and we have had fun every time! We love that it is educational, fun and challenging. Each box provides a variety of puzzles that keep us on our toes! – Jenny S., Albuquerque, NM

“Fun and captivating! Finders Seekers is our favorite puzzle in a box. We look forward to each month’s puzzles. They are varied and clever. Plus, we learn something every month.” – John D., Sunnyvale, CA

“Great date night fun! I have completed two Finders Seekers puzzles and my boyfriend and I love them for date night. I am impressed with the amount of work that has been put into every piece. What a wonderful subscription! – Amy L., Rocklin, CA


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