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When we saw the vast Volkswagen and Skoda pavilions at the 2020 Auto Expo in Delhi just before the world went crazy, we were enthusiastic about the upcoming small VW SUVs, the T-Roc and Taigun. Of course, the large army show car was more flashy than the mass-produced car, but its size and packaging were intriguing. And best of all, it was almost road ready. Skoda also had the concept of “vision in” -the same car in essentially different clothes-but it wasn’t ready for the showroom.It takes a year and changes to prepare the production spec Kushaq (read review) here) And put it up for sale while Volkswagen was waiting Badabai Barat Leave the site. With the introduction of the Volkswagen Rout, it is ready for launch in September of this year.

India first met Volkswagen Taigan in 2020 in the form of a near-production concept.Image: Volkswagen

what is that?

The Volkswagen Taigun, like the Kushak, is what the Midsize SUV, or Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Pvt Ltd, now calls the Midsize. Conceptually (and in terms of price) it will compete with things like Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. Obviously, SAVWIPL is not shy because they are huge shoes to fill. If you look at Taigun, or Kushaq for that, you can amortize your vehicle as a compact SUV. I thought it was a model of Martis Suzuki Vitara Brezza, but it is actually 20 cm longer overall, which is also advantageous in terms of indoor space. Personally, I’ve always liked Volkswagen’s deep and practical boots, but they’ve usually come at the expense of rear passenger comfort. Thankfully, Taigun doesn’t have that problem. Taigun is based on VW Group’s MQB-A0-IN platform for India, and as we understand it, there will be future small cars and perhaps compact SUVs, but it will be a completely different beast.

The Volkswagen Routigan is 4,221mm long and has a wheelbase of 2,651mm.Image: Volkswagen

Design: smart and cohesive

I’ve always enjoyed Volkswagen’s design language, and that feeling continues in Taigun. If anything, it’s a return to shape with sharp lines, a deliberate stance, and a distinctly European feel. In terms of design clues, Taigun looks like Passat’s proper brother, but Vent and the former Ameo are just cousins ​​and have been removed twice. There’s no way to avoid comparing it to almost the same Skoda Crash, so don’t get in the way. I think Volkswagen Tiguan looks better. Kushaq feels inconsistent in some places, but it looks like it was designed from scratch. Skoda needs to grow on you. I immediately liked this.

Taigun’s design and styling is definitely VW.Image: Volkswagen

The photo is self-explanatory. It’s a handsome and well-balanced car with different front and rear treatments. I prefer the crumple simpler taillights, but VW’s busy front end works for me. After all, VW wins for me, despite the crumple smarter set of wheels.

Interior: Airy, compact, decent rear space

Again, a comparison with crumple is inevitable. Most of the items in the Kushaq review have been carried over to this. The Taigun is a narrow SUV with clever packaging that guarantees comfort for all passengers as long as it has four passengers. The fifth passenger in the rear is not comfortable. Compared to the dark atmosphere of the crumple, the cabin is open, thanks to the greenhouse, the small sunroof and the brightly colored panels of the upholstery. The plastic is as average as Skoda, but the dashboard and steering have a unique VW design. The central screen is trapped in a square niche with some black trim elements on the piano. This gives the Taigun its own unique features, similar to the top model 8-inch color TFT “Virtual Cockpit” full digital instrument display. This is not available in any variant of Kushaq, and Skoda states that it will add functionality later in the SUV’s life cycle. But where VW gives, VW takes away. Ventilated seats are not available in this case. This is what you get at Skoda.

Some elements are inherited from Skoda, but Taigun has its own sufficient differentiator.Image: Volkswagen

A little unusual is the red trim of the dashboard body color. This was only seen in the red tygun on the outside, but the inside of the silver and yellow cars was a more subdued silver-gray plastic. This red trim had no effect on the appearance of the otherwise elegant interior. The same is true for various blanks instead of what was a button. We really didn’t like the blank plastic panel on which the Cubby for sunglasses was placed. Volkswagen, does it really cost more?

The VW steering wheel is bland with the usual click buttons for manipulating various functions. This is different from Kushaq, which uses a much more convenient click crawler wheel.

The backseat is pretty comfortable as long as it can accommodate two passengers-the third is squeezing.Image: Volkswagen

The rear accommodation is for 2 people and has ample knee room and headroom. There is a center armrest that can be stowed in case the unlucky fifth passenger gets on the ferry. The boots are almost the same as Kushaq. Small but deep, with a little loading lip for pulling things.

A word about technology: Covering the basics, giving and taking extras

The tech stack is exactly what you see in Kushaq. I have a 10 inch touch screen that works well. There are both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, both of which connect wirelessly. When paired, my phone worked perfectly. Wireless chargers work, but like most wireless chargers, they’re awkward to deploy. I left the phone connected with a USB-C cable and it worked fine.

Taigun’s 10-inch touch screen works seamlessly.Image: Volkswagen

Like Kushaq, the VW Taigun also comes with four USB-C ports. Two on the front and two on the back. Carry a car adapter or USB-C cable. Taigun’s party trick is Driver Vinacle’s full-color TFT screen. It’s great, but it’s not a deal maker / breaker. It will increase the luxury of the range topping model and will surprise the buyer at first glance.

The HVAC control remains capacitive, but this is not my favorite method. To operate the air conditioning system, you need to look down, which is not safe.

The 8.0-inch “Virtual Cockpit” digital device is currently on display exclusively for Taigun.Image: Volkswagen

The 6-speaker music system is unobtrusive. Similar to Kushaq’s system, it has a slightly hollow sound. It worked well enough to sing out loud on the beautiful highways around Udaipur.

On the go: snappy and fun

When it comes to driving, I rarely complain about VW cars. The Taigun we sampled was equipped with a 150 hp / 250 Nm 1.5 liter TSI turbo petrol engine with a 6-speed manual, followed by the same engine with a 7-speed DSG automatic. The engine is fine and boosts the SUV to three-digit speeds in short order. Unlike Kushak, I drove a large highway in Taigun and found it to be a comfortable medium-range tourer.

Armed with 1.5 TSI, the Volkswagen Taigun can easily reach three-digit speeds.Image: Volkswagen

The steering is light and suitable for city commuting. Enthu’s cutlet enjoys the manual, but I prefer automatic because I have a better sense than in my twenties. 250 Nm is enough torque, but the DSG feels like it’s making better use of it. The noise was well controlled at highway speeds and my colleagues and I were fresh and able to work after a 250km round trip. Some of the credits need to go to suspension. According to VW standards, it is nothing more than an example. It really feels much better suited to Indian conditions than any other car. It’s gorgeous, but it’s not muddy and can withstand terrifying shocks without the feeling that something is broken. The cow raid on the Rajasthan highway meant that he performed some clever operations to avoid killing things (or himself) without drama or excessive body rotation. ..

The ride quality of Taigun is nothing less than an example.Image: Volkswagen

VW’s literature lists “up to 6” airbags. For Skoda, it is not yet known which particular variant will get this safety pack, as the most expensive variant is the least secure. Both manufacturers expect to do some sort of variant shuffle once they have seen what the market take is.

Verdict: Sharp midsize SUV for drivers

Like the Kushak, the 1.5-liter engine makes driving this Volkswagen Rout fun, and the 1.0-liter TSI number suggests it’s good too. How you decide on a design is basically where you start and end your selection. There is not enough differentiation from the company’s siblings to make meaningful decisions. Personally, I think VW looks better and has the same basic quality. I chose a ventilated seat instead of a TFT screen for the driver, but I’m the only one.

Volkswagen Taigan prices are expected to be in the range of 10.50-17.60 rupees (excluding showrooms).Image: Volkswagen

It depends a lot on the price, but it’s almost the same, so it’s unlikely that it will differ significantly from the Kushaq price. Badabai I’m not likely to let you chhotey Undercut them. Therefore, Volkswagen Taigan can be expected to be placed in the same Rs 10.5-17.6 Rakı price range (excluding showrooms). For that money, you get a small, premium, fun-to-drive SUV that works well for four people. Obviously, the formula works. Skoda has increased more than 6,000 crumple reservations so far, despite its mellow value proposition. You’ll know more in September when Taigun goes on sale.

Simply put, I like Taigun and am happy to have three friends in my cart and drive every day. Or in my case, a dog and a few cats.

Number of Volkswagen Routs

Length: 4,221 mm
Width: 1,760mm
Height: 1,612 mm
Wheelbase: 2,651mm
Engine: 1.0 liter, gasoline with 3-cylinder turbo / 1.5 liter, gasoline with 4-cylinder turbo
Power: 115 horsepower / 150 horsepower
Torque: 178 Nm / 250 Nm
Transmission: 6-speed manual and 6-speed auto / 6-speed manual and 7-speed DSG auto
Price: 10.50-17.60 rupees (estimated, in front of the showroom)