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With the pandemic came a sharp increase in all things delivery. Cannabis was no exception. If you recently became a cannabis delivery customer, you might have forgotten that marijuana delivery has been a thing since before your grandparents had their long-haired hippie friend drop off dry, brown weed at their home. As covid restrictions have loosened in light of increased vaccine distribution across the country and especially here in San Francisco, some people aren’t yet ready to set foot back in the dispensary, and you can’t blame them. Whether you roll it up, put it in your pipe, or eat it, we’ve got you covered with this list of the top on-demand Cannabis Delivery Companies in San Francisco. Why go to them when they’ll come to you? Please consume responsibly. Why is this list free to read?

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Best Featured Marijuana Delivery in SF

Eaze is a cannabis delivery platform founded and maintained by marijuana nerds who have extensive experience in analytics, delivery, and dank. Skip the line as Eaze delivers to your home inside of just an hour. Eaze carries the best THC and CBD products for any budget and level of prowess. Plus, they deliver the goods – shop for items from BIPOC and Women owned businesses to help develop a more equitable cannabis economy.

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Top Featured Cannabis Delivery San Francisco

Amuse is the Bay Area’s newest weed delivery service on the block, and it has wasted no time becoming a major player with the other delivery giants. Featuring the largest selection of flower, vapes, concentrates, edibles, and pre-rolls, Amuse has got you covered with everything from Ahh to Zz. Beyond the humongous selection, Amuse stands out from the rest with hands down the best pricing across the board. Get your favorite brands by either ordering on-demand or scheduling a delivery to be dropped off later. Top local Bay Area brands include: Stiiizy, Sherbinksi’s, Cookies, WYLD, Kiva, Lowell Farms and much, much more. Save $30 on your first order with discount code SFIST30 and existing Amuse customers save $10 on their next 10 orders with code 10FOR10.


Best Featured Cannabis Delivery Service in SF

Caliva is committed to empowering people to be confident in their choices and delighted with their experiences. They craft the highest quality, reliable cannabis products, sourcing from their own flower grown locally in the South Bay. They also carry top-notch cannabis products from third-party brands throughout California. Cannabis regulars will find purchasing a breeze as they quickly notice that Caliva offers the best products in the area. Cannabis newbies can feel confident in their purchase by scheduling an online or phone consultation before they hit the buy button. Offering seamless access to cannabis is at Caliva’s core, it’s truly cannabis on your terms.

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Best Featured SF Marijuana Delivery Dispensaries

Sava is the cannabis expert advisor you’ve always needed, but never had. They vet the vast world of cannabis and hand-pick the highest quality products, tailored to real-life needs ranging from post-marathon pain relief to much-needed relaxation. Founded in San Francisco by two women passionate about cannabis, they vet the vast world of cannabis and hand-pick the highest quality products, tailored to real-life needs ranging from post-marathon pain relief to much-needed relaxation. They have the perfect product for your requirements, from edibles to topicals to good old-fashioned flower. Sava is devoted to creating diversity and inclusivity in the cannabis sector as a women/LGBT/Latina-owned company, and aggressively partners with companies that share that vision. They offer same-day delivery in San Francisco seven days a week, starting at 11 a.m., with service locations across the expanded Bay Area. Use code SF30 for $30 your first order, for first-time customers only, cannot be combined with other coupons.

#1 of 15 Top Marijuana Delivery SF

Cannabis Express, also known as CanEx, urges you to take advantage of their daily deals no matter where you are on the peninsula. Currently in possession of both a medical and recreational permit from the city of San Francisco, CanEx is a fully licensed retailer and allows their customers to purchase up to 28 grams at a time. CanEx accepts cash, debit, credit, and lynx for payment.

#2 of 15 Leading Weed Delivery San Francisco

Flower Company is a members-only cannabis delivery service that has done everything they can to streamline the purchasing process so you can really enjoy getting high. One of the smaller companies on this list, Flower Co. maintains a lean organization in order to keep overhead low and ultimately provide the best experience for their consumers. Flower Co. delivers next-day, and stands behind a farm-to-bong mentality, ensuring their team sources the best weed in California to pass the savings on to you.

#3 of 15 Top-Notch Cannabis Delivery Service in SF

With same-day delivery service from San Francisco all the way down to Burlingame and Millbrae, Smile House specializes in providing services for medical and adult recreational marijuana use. Knowing that some of their customers are stuck at home due to illness or other factors, Smile House strives to bring all its members the highest quality of cannabis and service right to their doorstep. Smile House prides themselves on using member feedback to develop the information for their customers and source the best weed.

#4 of 15 Best SF Marijuana Delivery Dispensaries

The Green Cross’ primary aim is to deliver high-quality cannabis at affordable costs to its members. TGC has established itself as a leader in community and outreach services by providing member consultation and compassionate care services that go beyond typical dispensary services, demonstrating the value of cannabis not only ordinary people, but also to the city and state government.


#5 of 15 Leading Marijuana Delivery SF

Bud is here to assist you in locating reputable cannabis products in your area. They collaborate with local dispensaries to make popular products available for convenient online purchasing, delivery, and in-store pickup when available. They’re a tiny group of cannabis and technology aficionados who were lucky enough to be able to assist others in purchasing marijuana online when prohibition faded.

#6 of 15 Top-Notch Weed Delivery San Francisco

Purple Star’s famous service, assortment, and everyday cheap prices attract consumers from all across Northern California, as well as medical tourists from all over the world. Purple Star has been identified with high-touch customer service and the legal supply of high-quality cannabis products into the retail and medical markets over the last seven years.

#7 of 15 Best Cannabis Delivery Service in SF

In an attempt to become your personal cannabis concierge, Bay Care Delivery has been proudly serving the Bay Area since 2013 with the main goal of providing everyone with the perfect cannabis experience. Bay Care Delivery’s ‘herbologists’ hand-select the highest quality cannabis products on the market, and they take great pride in helping you get what’s right for you, all the while providing exceptional customer service.

#8 of 15 Best Marijuana Delivery SF

Many cannabis users have gravitated to Ganjarunner as they offer free delivery with no minimum. With over 300 different high-quality cannabis products in their inventory, Ganjarunner guarantees a 60 minute delivery window and can also accommodate next-day delivery. All of their cannabis is lab-tested and pesticide-free, and their dedicated customer service specialists are available for any concerns all seven days of the week.

#9 of 15 Top Weed Delivery San Francisco

With a 10pm cutoff and $45 pre-tax minimum for same- and next-day drop-off, Bento Delivery may seem a little less accessible than other cannabis retailer options. However, the fact that they deliver across the entire Bay Area, combined with an extensive customer loyalty program and friendly drivers, keeps their clients coming back time and time again.


#10 of 15 Leading Cannabis Delivery Service in SF

Offering some of the best flower, concentrate, and edibles that California has to offer, Weden is based in Santa Ana, CA but delivers across the entire Bay Area and even further into Northern California. Whether you are looking to relax, party, or love, Weden has just the right option for you, and their expertise in everything cannabis means they can help you find exactly what you need every time. Consider Weden the next time you are looking for the best cannabis delivery service in San Francisco.

#11 of 15 Top-Notch SF Marijuana Delivery Dispensaries

As the city’s only union marijuana dispensary, Mission Organic Center perfectly plays into the 21st century working-class vibes, with each and every one of their employees a member of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5. It took owner Eugene Popok nearly 3 years and almost a hundred grand to acquire his dispensary permit and begin servicing the large customer pool that is San Francisco, but Mission Organic Center has come to stay.


#12 of 15 Top Marijuana Delivery SF

SPARC exists to serve as an important figure for their industry, communities, patients, and consumers. SPARC has a long history of providing high-quality cannabis. Their cannabis is cultivated in entirely organic, biodynamic fields utilizing only natural sunshine on their farm in Sonoma County. SPARC was founded in 1998 and since has been a pioneer in the field of medicinal cannabis.

#13 of 15 Leading Weed Delivery San Francisco

San Francisco Green Delivery was founded to satisfy the rising demands of those who have little or no access to high-quality cannabis. Their delivery service allows individuals to get their cannabis in a courteous and private manner, which is a nice change from the sometimes congested, uninviting dispensary settings.


#14 of 15 Top-Notch Cannabis Delivery Service in SF

WeedHub is a cannabis delivery service launched in early 2018 in San Francisco. The Bay Area is as much their home as it is yours, which is why they consider all of their customers to be their neighbors. Their objective is to form strong bonds and become an integral part of a community that everyone can enjoy.


#15 of 15 Best SF Marijuana Delivery Dispensaries

Proven is one of the premier cannabis delivery services in San Francisco. They proudly service the Bay Area with safe and quick delivery, as well as offers and top cannabis brands that cater to medicinal and recreational clients. Proven loves to keep things interesting by collaborating with industry leaders to guarantee that their clients have access to the most cutting-edge cannabis products available.

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